Török Ádám & MINI - A szél nomádja
(Nomads of the winds) - 2001

"Save the nature. Save the ocean. Use pure energy-the sun and the wind. Give your children pure food and drink only. We have only got this blue planet."


For me an unknown name, but Török Ádám is making music since the early seventies. Some titles with the MINI are "Vissza a városba" (1978), "Úton a föld felé" (1979), "Mini Koncert" (1980) and "Dzsungel" (1983). When the progressive genre had one of its many recessions in the second half of the 1980's this man formed the RABB ensemble for playing blues. It was easy for him because his music had always been a mix of blues, progressive rock and jazz-fusion. After this blues period the MINI made the albums "50/30 plusz" (1998) and "Misztikus utazó" (1990). Label owner Bõszõrményi Gergely asked Ádám to compose an album of mostly instrumentals. It took five years. It was worthwhile to wait for this album. It has become for me, one of those little gems from Eastern Europe (Hungary).


The musicians:
Köves Miklós - drums, Kerékgyártó Istvá - guitars, Németh Károly - keyboards, Török Ádám - flute, vocal.


On the album are only five tracks, but the length of those tracks is variating between 2 and 21 minutes. And as I have earlier mentioned most of the tracks are completely instrumental. "Mysterious flying overground of Carpathia" (12:06) is the first track and the intro sounds indeed mysterious with flute and keyboards. After a couple of minutes the slow intro transforms into a happy tune. At that time the resemblance with the flute of Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull is already very obvious. The sound and technique of the flute playing lies very close to that of Mr. Tull. The music of this track and of the whole album is very relaxed. Second track is "Aphrodite's dance around and around at the clear blue lake" (21:00). And the opening is again slow and very relaxed with romantic melodies on piano and flute. The music of the MINI not only brings Tull into mind but also Dutch bands like the Focus and Solution. There is a lot of variation in this track so it doesn't become boring. Title track of the album is called "Nomad of the winds" (9:02) and here we can hear some vocals. But the atmosphere of the whole album is the same. "Lord of the vineyard" (7:43) is more up-tempo and has the effect that we do and not fell asleep after a busy working day and hearing all this relaxed music. Don't understand me wrong, it is very nice to listen to this album after a stressful working day. But this track has more action and dynamics with the organ, flute, guitar and synth solos. This track is working to a kind of climax. The music is very fusion alike. This is my favourite track because there is a lot happening. The closing title of the CD is called "Biofood for children" (2:30). Again nice melodies on the flute.


Because of the relaxed atmosphere created with the keyboards and flute I like this album very much. The music heals after a busy working day. If you like the flute work of Ian Anderson in Jethro Tull and the fusion music of Solution and Focus you must listen to this album if you get the chance at your local record shop. I am sure you won't get disappointed. The musicians know what they are doing and the music is delicious and relaxing. There is a lot of melody in the compositions. For me one of the better releases of the Hungarian Periferic label.

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Douwe Fledderus - March 2002 -   - Periferic Records