the Aurora Project - Unspoken words - 2005

“I feel, so I exist”


In 1999 the idea was born. The future members of the Dutch the Aurora Project share a passion for mysterious rock music. After years of rehearsal, in 2001 the band recorded their first demo. Signed by the Dutch progressive rock/metal label DVS Records the band produced the concept album “Unspoken words”.


Dennis Binnekade - vocals; Remco van den Berg - lead guitar; Joris Bol - drums; Marcel Guyt - synths; Marc Gooijs - guitar; Rob Krijgsman - bass


The concept album “Unspoken words” describes a spiritual journey, based on an essay by guitarist Marc Vooys, which centers around the statement “I feel, so I exist”. The album is produced and mixed by Arno Dreef and mastered by Sander van der Heide (e.g. Within Temptation). The band surprised me with a full worthy and mature product. There is even a storyteller to connect the music and the story. The album exist out of ten tracks; “Unspoken words I”, “The betrayal”, “Unspoken words II”, “The untold prophecy”, “The event horizon”, “System log”, “The gathering”, “Unspoken words III”, “Nocturnal lament”, “The resurrection”. As you know I'm not very into metal music. And progressive metal releases are often metal releases with some keyboards. But the Aurora Project has made an album who deserves the label progressive metal. The music is mysterious and powerful. And with Dennis Binnekade the band has an excellent singer who sometimes reminds me of the singer of the German band Sylvan. The use of the synths are delicate and atmospheric, nowhere over the top. And like all good concept albums the tension of the music is slowly building up to a climax. The band even uses an entire choir in the end.


“Unspoken words” is an amazing debut album of a new Dutch progressive metal band. A well produced and great sounding album. The music is sometimes a little bit melancholic. If you want some names to compare, and that is different because the Aurora Project is developing their own style, maybe a mix of Porcupine Tree and Anathema. The band must treasure their singer Dennis Binnekade.
the Aurora Project a positive surprise from The Netherlands.

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Douwe Fledderus - December 2005  -   - DVS Records