Telegraph - MIR - 2018


“... a very beautiful debut album ...”


Telegraph is a progressive rock band from Israel. A band that is inspired by the progressive rock bands of the seventies. Not much info about the band can be found on the web but I think that this will change very soon. Why? Just because the band has made with “MIR“ the perfect debut album for a starting progressive rock outfit. “MIR“ is an independent release that is coming to you with the beautiful artwork of Kathrin Longhurst and is mixed and mastered by Udi Kooman.


Avi Barak - drums, flute; Liran Hermstadt - bass, vocals; Eze Sakson - organ, mini Moog, electric piano, piano, Mellotron; Tal Rubinstein - Electric, Acoustic and 12 strings guitars, vocals


“MIR“ was inspired by the journey of Sergei Krikalev who was left at the Soviet space station during the collapse of the USSR. Sergei Konstantinovich Krikalev was a Russian Cosmonaut and is currently working as Vice President of Space Corporation Energia. He was in space when the Soviet Union was dissolved on December 26, 1991. With the Baikonur Cosmodrome and the landing area both being located in the newly independent Kazakhstan, there was a lot of uncertainty about the fate of his mission. He remained in space for months longer than planned, and returned to a very different country. With several missions Sergei Krikalev has logged a total of 803 days and 9 hours and 39 minutes in space. He is rewarded as Hero of Russia and Hero of the Soviet Union.

But what about the music? You can find the following six tracks on the “MIR“ album; “MIR 0-1“, “Initiation“, “Gravity“, “Out There“, “Claustrophobia“ and “Remote Control“.

The album starts with some communication sound samples of the MIR in the opening track “MIR 0-1“. The music is very melodious and has a somewhat mellow character. You can find beautiful guitar and synth melodies on this track, but this counts for the whole album. Because of the mellow atmosphere of the music you have to think immediately of one of the best Symphonic Rock bands of the seventies. Especially when the second track “Initiation“ opens with that delicious organ sound of Peter Bardens. Yes of course I am talking about Camel. The track Initiation could be a lost track of the “Mirage“ album. The track sounds like the ultimate tribute to the seventies period of the British formation Camel. But at the same time the music has also a fresh and modern sound and at some point I was thinking that the lovers of the debut album of Airbag would also like this album.¬†

Also the track “Gravity“ has that relaxed atmosphere with beautiful guitar melodies and fine keyboard parts. It has a nice structure and I just love the keyboard work of Eze Sakson. Not only delicious synth melodies but also delicate piano parts. And it can not be otherwise that guitarist Tal Rubinstein is a big fan of the work of Andy Latimer. The track seamlessly flows into the track “Out There“.¬†

In the opening of “Claustrophobia“ we hear again those communication sound samples from the MIR. In this track you can here that the band is also developing a more own identity on that basis of Camel influences. Drummer Avi Barak is playing the flute in this song and we can here some nice acoustic guitars parts. The album ends with another highlight. “Remote Control“ is with a duration of almost 15 minutes the real epic of the album. Together with the MIR communication sounds the opening of the song is a little bit mysterious. Then the bass is introducing another rhythm. The guitar and the synths are playing uplifting tunes together. After five and a half minutes the band slows down a little bit with some slow vocal parts. Those vocal parts are combined with lovely instrumental parts with some wonderful melodies. The last part is more uptempo with nice keyboard layers and the tension of the music is rising and you can enjoy lovely guitar/synth melodies. In the end the slow and mysterious vibe of the music ¬†returns.


Wow this is a very beautiful debut album with some great melodies and musical craftsmanship. Sometimes the music sounds like a combination of Airbag and Camel influences. But I think that especially fans of the first 4 Camel albums will love this wonderful album. I am very curious about the development of this fine band from Israel. The future will be bright because this music has the potential to reach a lot of not only Progressive Rock lovers but also will appeal to music lovers in general.

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