Tempus Fugit  - The Dawn After The Storm (extended & remastered) - 2018


“... a masterpiece in the Symphonic Rock genre ...”


20 years ago I wrote one of my first reviews for progVisions. The review was about the second studio album “The Dawn After The Storm“ from the Brazilian band Tempus Fugit. Now, twenty years later, the Brazilian record label Masque has released an extended and remastered version of that wonderful album. A classic Symphonic Rock album with breathtaking melodies. This remarkable remaster with a crystal clear and transparent sound is remastered by Luiz Tornaghi. He did a wonderful job, because he was able to bring the smallest details of the original recording to the surface. It shows once more that my favorite Tempus Fugit album was and is indeed a masterpiece.


Lineup original 1999 recording:
Ary Moura - drums; Henrique Simoes - guitars; Andre Luiz - bass; Andre Mello - keyboards

Marco Aureh - flute on “O Dom de Voar“
Fernando Sierpe - vocals on “Discover“

Lineup 2018 (bonus tracks 2016):
Ary Moura - drums; Henrique Simoes - guitars; Andre Mello - keyboards; Marquinhos dos Santos - bass


As I already mentioned in my introduction this remarkable remaster has a crystal clear and transparent sound. “The Dawn After The Storm“ is an album full of Symphonic Rock that includes some of the most wonderful melodies that the band ever wrote. Listening to this album again was a blissful experience. People who are familiar with this album will remember the uptempo opener “Daydream“ (8:30j with it’s Marillion like synth solo at the beginning. But it has also ballad like sections with nice classical piano and melodic guitar parts. If you are a keyboard lover you will be impressed by the melodies of composer and keyboardist Andre Mello. His Symphonic keyboards together with the melodic and soaring guitar parts of guitarist Henrique Simoes will transport you immediately to Prog Heaven. This fine opener flows into the title track “The Dawn After The Storm“ (8:53) which is divided into the parts “Awakening“, “Walking Through The Fields“, “Beyond The Horizon“ and “Homeward“. This track is one of my personal favorites. Here you can find beautiful keyboard themes with wonderful melodies and passionate guitar playing. In the third part “Beyond The Horizon“ the music becomes more uptempo and the rhythm section of the band shows their qualities. In the last part “Home“ the beautiful guitar and synth melodies are returning. It is one of the many highlights of this remarkable album. After these two instrumental pieces the band delights us with the beautiful ballad “Never“ (6:07). In my review of twenty years ago I wrote at this point that Tempus Fugit sounds young, fresh and romantic. And that Andre Mello writes great melodies that are played with a lot of passion. “Tocando Voce“ (6:54) is a composition of Henrique Simoes. In the first part his acoustic guitar is tastefully combined with a mandolin. Later on he plays wonderful electric guitar melodies. At one point the name of master Steve Hackett crossed my mind. The music breaths that typical Brazilian warmth. The next song “The Fortress“ (5:18) is also a personal favorite of mine. It has a beautiful Yanni like classical piano opening and a synth solo with an amazing melody. But there are a lot of tempo changes in this piece. The piece is full of uptempo guitar parts and synth melodies. The next composition “Preludio de Sevilla“ (2:07) is from bass player Andre Luiz. Surprisingly this is a beautiful classical guitar piece with a Spanish atmosphere. This is followed by another Andre Mello composition. “The Sight“ (4:45) with beautiful keyboards, fretless bass and ¬†passionate guitar parts. You can find the most beautiful melodies in this highlight. The lyrics are speaking of a signal that came from heaven ... but I am sure Andre’s melodies are also coming from heaven. In “O Dom de Voar“ (6:38) a classical piano is combined with acoustic guitar, keyboard strings and the flute of guest Marco Aureh. Beautiful piece of music which has a lot of warmth. The original album ends with a song called “Discover“ (7:52). In the opening we hear again the acoustic guitar and mandolin combination. This is the third song with delicate sung vocals. It has catchy vocal melodies and a synth (Moog) part that reminds me of the sound of Rick Wakeman (“The journey to the center of the earth“). When the song becomes more uptempo the synth solo’s are more in the vein of Mark Kelly (early Marillion). A worthy ending of “The Dawn After The Storm“.

This extended version includes two long bonus tracks. The first one has the title “The Last Day“ (11:07) and has been recorded at Estudio Rocha between 2014/2016. What a wonderful surprise to get a “new” piece of Tempus Fugit music. Like the album I reviewed above this is a piece of Symphonic Rock with warmth and beautiful melodies. You will notice the warm sounding fretless bass sound of the current bass player Marquinhos dos Santos. A song full of great guitar work and those delicious keyboard carpets and melodic synth solo’s of Maestro Andre Mello. The second bonus is a suite consisting of “Daydream + The Dawn After The Storm Medley“ that was recorded live at the Estudio MLJ-RJ in June 2016. The band proofs that they can deliver those fine songs in a live setting. And the music ... well those marvelous pieces have stood the test of time.


At home when I want to listen to some Brazilian Symphonic Prog, I always start with my favorite Tempus Fugit album “The Dawn After The Storm“. So I was positive surprised to hear that the band’s label Masque Records would release an extended and remastered edition of this masterpiece. To be honest I didn’t hear the music for some time when I received the package from Brazil, so I immediately put this disc in my CD player. Firstly I was overwhelmed by the crystal clear and transparent sound of this remarkable remaster. Secondly I was again impressed by those fine compositions of one of my favorite keyboard players Andre Mello and the lovely guitar solo’s of Henrique Simoes (without undervaluing the fine rhythm section). This fine remaster shows once more that “The Dawn After The Storm“ is a masterpiece in the Symphonic Rock genre. Considering the quality of the sound and the extra 20 minutes of bonus material this is one of the best remastered rereleases I have heard the last few years.

What can I say more ... this album is highly recommended by progVisions. A must buy for the fans and if you don’t know the band yet, you will be in for a Symphonic surprise!

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