Threshold - Psychedelicatessen - 2001


Re-release of the second album of this British band. "Psychedelicatessen" was originally recorded back in 1994 after ending the tour of their first album "Wounded Land". In this new release you can also find a second CD with five live tracks and a CD-ROM track with videos, photos, etc.

Well, what to say about these guys?... the truth is that after listening to the CD various times I've realized that you can play good music without being a virtuoso.

Threshold is a band that mixes nearly perfectly a really hard sound with good melodies, creating a small progressive touch so that the band doesn't sound like "pure metal". Produced by Karl Groom (guitar) and Richer West (keyboards), "Psychedelicatessen" (considered album of the month by the Dutch magazine Aardschok) makes us enter a world of light and darkness where religious, cosmic, electronic and social topics take protagonism (What a mixture!).


Starting the album with the song "Sunseeker" I start noticing the hardness of the guitar riffs with that mysterious touch characteristic of the early 90's produced by the keyboards. This first song was paradoxically the last one in to be composed for this record and it talks about the dangers of crossing over to "the other side". Good rhythmic section and hardness with melody in the voices, the perfect mixture. "A tension of souls" was, in fact, their first song I listened to. It tells us a story about unfulfilled desires and questions without answer. The third song is called "Into the light". Slow and melancholic beginning in which the band envelopes us in a gloomy atmosphere to talk to us about a peculiar and critical vision about religion. We carry on listening and then comes the song "Babylon Rising", an apocalyptic vision that reminds us about the decadence of "The great Babylon", it is necessary to emphasize that this is an old song of the band that they decided to include in this album. "Devoted" begins with a hard enough riff in which Threshold give us a good example of their heavy influences. As them themselves tell us, it is a good track for playing live since it has different fast/slow - hard/soft changes that are welcome since they make the music much more interesting. "He is I am" is the next track, here we find very hard criticism towards the loss of the individuality that nowadays our society preaches. In this track the most hard part is the final one where the solos stand out. "Innocent" is the second track with a video on the second CD. The lyrics make us think about the sacrifices that prove real love towards our dear beings (friends, family, couple, etc. ...) . My thorough listening of the CD continues and I come across a song called "Will to give" where I again find a catchy guitar riff. Another heartbreaking topic, this time about how the temptations that we think we can control turn against us. "Under the sun" is the only ballad of the whole album and they again criticize the Bible, this time it's the Old Testament.


In general the CD seems to me to be good enough. A great band of Heavy Metal, really good melodies and good understanding between the members of the band. All the members do a great job proving that good songs can be written without having to rely on virtuosity and extreme speed to which present groups have us used to. Nevertheless it will be necessary to listen to what Threshold are doing nowadays to see their evolution. Ah! A fact for those people who are thinking of seeing them live: Threshold perform really close to perfection, making it look like almost a Playback. Another thing in their favor.

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Germán Villén - December 2001 -   - Inside Out