ThØnk - Earth Vision Impact - 2001


Recorded at Crimsonic Studios property of Pär Lindh and produced, mixed and engineered by the own Lindh, this "Earth Vision Impact" is the card of presentation of the Italian-Swiss instrumental trio ThØnk, a band to which, I advance you, I guarantee it a very good future. ThØnk is formed by Fredy Schnyder (bass, guitars, and e-bow); Flavio Mezzodi (drums, percussion); and Marc Grassi (grand piano, hammond, mellotron mark V, harpsichord and other devices). All of them have a great musical background in bands like Nucleus Torn, Critical, Travel Mind, Seldom, Double Heart as well as participating in different recordings as studio musicians. If I had not used the names of bands and musicians perhaps you would have been thought that I was talking about ELP, isn´t it?.


ThØnk is, without a doubt, a band made for everybody who enjoyed years ago with ELP and still enjoy with Pär Lindh and his Project. Behind titles a little bit insipid and uncatchy like "Sulm", "Tohnkland", "Square root", "Pomme", "Insharp", "Garden", "Ela", and "Rak", and "short" lengths -the longest song is 8:29- (I prefer not to talk about the cover art), there is a tremendous CD of progressive symphonic rock of tremendous classic background and numerous elements coming from jazz fusion.

The music of ThØnk - I won´t review the tracks one by one-, is characterized by the tremendous creation capacity of Grassi (main composer of the band) that develop some nice instrumental pieces faultlessly dressed by rhythms of the tandem Schnyder-Mezzodi and delicately altered by an impressive unfolding of keyboards. The same as it happens in ELP, the biggest honors are to Mezzodi, a great very versatile percussionist - a drummer very influenced by Bozzio-, and to Grassi, whose capacity is only noticed listening to the CD. Schnyder is a bassist-guitarist of high level but whose participation in the CD is not as spectacular as his partners.


I think that I should not extend this review because with my final valuation you will have a very clear overview of the concept of the album. Simply if you like keyboard orgies, baroque and analog sounds, the flavor of the work of Pär Lindh, and echoes of bands like UK, this CD is made for you. "Classic" progressive rock fans will consider this CD as one of the best of 2001 and those who look for strong emotions won't have the excuse of the photocopies since "Earth Vision Impact" has a lot of own personality. If we change the cover (I would propose a Gothic cathedral or a Roman arch), the title of the tracks, and we put a sticker in the cover with the sentence "produced by Pär Lindh" you would already be sharpening your teeth of pleasure, wouldn´t you?... well, the CD hasn´t none of those possible changes... and it is still a marvel.

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Alfonso Algora - June 2001 -   - Galileo Records