Timelock - Circle of Deception - 2002


Although Timelock has only released three albums (“Louise Brooks” – 92; “The Dawn” – 94; and this “Circle of Deception”), some of the musicians have experience playing for other bands. Keyboardist Julian Driessen played with Ywis and drummer Rob Boshuijzen with Maryson. Along with them, Bert de Bruijne (bass), Martin Hendriks (guitars), and singer Ruud Stoker.


To be sincere, I´m not the biggest Ywis or Maryson´s fan in the world and those names don´t offer me any guarantee. In fact, the first track “The road to Babylon” (6:04) is not what I´d call progressive rock. The music is elegant, gentle and easy to listen to, but it´s a style I´ve heard thousand of times. Soft melodic (neo)prog without instrumental fireworks. Dozens of bands come to my mind (mainly Galahad and Grey Lady Down). It´s time for “Man in the mirror” (6:00), better than the first one. With “Louise Brooks revisited” (6:27) the band wear their working clothes and now we can listen to the first really original and varied track (well... you know what I mean). “Redskindian” (4:44) follows the path with an instrumental that contains an amazing Hammond sound. With “Different Light” (4:20) the band crosses the frontiers of “soft and smart prog heard 100.000 times” and, although they keep the sound, I don´t have that Deja-Vu feeling with this song. And the song is really brilliant, with a catchy refrain and a great melodic guitar solo. “Oceans away” (5:29) and “Voodoo” (4:31) show us the rockiest Timelock. My overall feelings about the album grow up but the moment of the truth is yet to come. “The Fortune” (6:27), with the Pendragon-like sound a la “9:15 Live” and an impressive guitar solo is the perfect intro for the mini-suite “Everything except the world” (12:14). I´m frightened. Well, Timelock can compose good short songs, but... a suite?... well, let´s see: the song opens with soft keyboards followed by a edgy guitar, vocals and synths. Hmmm... it´s not bad at all. The refrain is also very attractive. The song is really well structured with a sort of cold tense beauty that burns out with keyboards and electric guitar. When I begin to listen to the last track “The way I am” (5:13), well, I prefer to switch my Cd player off. I want to remember the suite and not a senseless ballad a la REO Speedwagon.


I´d like that you would understand my personal rating of the album. After listening to the two first track the shadow of a lonely star fell over this album. But, from the third track on I must admit that the album gets strength and personality. Of course I still consider this album soft, gentle and harmless, but it has very good melodies (of course better than Ywis). If you love bands such as Galahad, GLD, or early Pendragon, etc., you´ll enjoy a lot with this album. If you´re looking for originality, try to find it inside another album.

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