The Lost Vision Of The Chandoo Priest - The Lost Vision Of The Chandoo Priest - 2022



“... instrumental space/psych/prog ...”


Last month, together with prog friends, I visited an Italian dual headliner gig of the bands Quel Che Disse Il Tuono and Il Segno del Comando which was organized by our friends from Prog Frog. During the performance of the band Quel Che Disse Il Tuono, a song from the project "The Lost Vision Of The Chandoo Priest" was played. This was possible because guitarist (Francesca Zanetta) and keyboard wizard (Niccolo Gallani) also composed and recorded the project "The Lost Vision Of The Chandoo Priest" together. Of course we also know Francesca Zanetta from the band Unreal City and Niccolo Gallani from Cellar Noise. I saw this last mentioned band perform in Veruno, Italy a few years ago. So I already knew that Niccolo Gallani is a very talented keyboardist. During the lockdown, this duo has not been idle but composed this album released by AMS Records. They describe the music itself as instrumental space/psych/prog. "The Lost Vision Of The Chandoo Priest" is a fine  project of two young talented musicians from Italy.

Francesca Zanetta - electric guitar, bass guitar, Eminent Solina, Logan String Melody 2, Elka Rhapsody 490, Moog Voyager Niccolo Gallani - drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ, Mellotron, Elka Soloist 505, flute


The album opens relaxed with the song "Floating Down The Valley" (4:45). Delicate guitar playing and Hammond organ are an introduction to the beautiful last part with fine melodies and Mellotron strings. A nice opener of an album that will appeal to lovers of analog synthesizers and keyboards. "Chasing Time In Opposite Direction Part One" (3:48) continues in the same vein. The music maintains a relaxed atmosphere and only at the end it becomes a bit more powerful. "Enter The Void" (4:48) has a delicate and slow opening. The calm build-up of the opening and the melodic ending is very nice, but the middle part is pure Space Rock. In "The White Toad Majesty" we hear the beautiful sound of a real flute (Niccolo) and the characteristic sound of Francesca's guitar. Niccolo also plays electric guitar on this fine album, but his guitar has a different sound and is a bit smoother. The flute is a real addition to the band's sound palette. "Droplets" (4:06) opens with delicate Fender Rhodes playing and has beautiful melodies. The Moog synth and the marimba-like sound are also really beautiful. This is one of the most beautiful songs on the album. A personal favourite. The uptempo "Chasing Time In Opposite Direction Part Two" (3:59) has a completely different atmosphere. It sometimes has a slightly brooding atmosphere. But the uptempo pieces have a cheerful character. A composition with two faces. The use of the Hammond organ and the other synths are beautiful. "Getting Nowhere" (3:36) is also an uptempo song with drums and nice bass playing. But everywhere on this album those wonderful analog synths and keyboards are used. But you won't find freaky solos anywhere, it's all very tastefully done. Just listen to the uptempo "London Underground" (3:23) a song for fans of the Hammond organ. One of the more powerful compositions on this album. Just like the following "Farewell Dog" (4:12). The second part of the album has a more powerful and uptempo sound image than the first part. "Farewell Dog" is the album's progressive rock track. The album closes with the atmospheric "Dunans Castle" (3:54). A song with beautiful melodic guitar work and wonderful bass playing. The bird samples fit nicely with the delicate sound of the flute. A nice end to an interesting album.


On this fine album, Niccolo Gallani proves again that he is a young and very talented keyboard player. He already proved that during the aforementioned gig of Quel Che Disse Il Tuono at 't Blok, Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel, the Netherlands. However, both Niccolo Gallani and Francesca Zanetta are multi-instrumentalists. Together they play all the instruments used on this album. And that Francesca collects analog synths as a hobby is now paying off. Personally, I really like the songs with a more relaxed atmosphere, as you can find on the first part of the album and the closing track "Dunans Castle". But the prog fans will also get their money's worth with the second part of the album. The album is highly recommended for prog fans who love analog synths and keyboards. Progressive Rock with Space Rock and Phychedelic influences.

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Douwe Fledderus - November 2022 -  - AMS Records