Towersound - Towersound - 2003


Some months ago the French Towersound contacted with progvisions to send us their new work. This time the CD receives the same name than the band. Before begin to talk about this new CD we will do an small summary of the history of this new band. Towersound are three brothers born in the south of France. In 1999 the whole family moved toward the city of Auvergne from where they began to create this musical project. Their music is based mainly in melodic Heavy Metal with some symphonic rock influences.

In the summer of 2003 this three brothers (Jon on voice, Lonn on guitars and their younger brother of only 16 years old Flod on drums) they decided to take another step as a band and record their first LP which we will criticize now.


The first track is called "Towersound" In which we can appreciate from the beginning their hard rock influences. We also make un our ears to the sound of the album. The truth it is that the sound is good if we see that the album was recorded in a home studio. Jon is a singer with serious tenor voice. He is not another screamer like some other metal singers. He has his own voice style. They got a high level on compositions & of course on rhythms, tempos & melodies. "Shine Over Me" reminds us to to Metallica songs. This is a quiet song. Slower than the previous one. They focused their ideas to create beautiful keyboard & guitar melodies. Listening "Devils Of The Night" we can appreciate the return of the aggressiveness of this band. Without virtuosity & speed they was able to create pleasant atmospheres making you enter in the album. We continue with "Follow Your Heart". A song that perfectly could form part of any Scorpions album. This time it is a beautiful ballad with an amazing guitar solo. "Hell Is The Speedway" sounds like Dire Straits mainly regarding the voices. We continue the attentive listening and we find "Let Me Run" and then we appreciate that the album begin to be a bit repetitive. It´s difficult to be original during an entire album but this time it sounds quite similar to the previous ones. "It´s a Good Day to Die" take out their blues & Hard rock roots. A song based mainly in the guitars. Only a few keyboards leaves only space for the whiplash. "Wild Rose" is without a doubt the best track of the album. A beautiful ballad that is able to eclipse many of the most famous bands songs. It´s necessary to highlight the good work by Jon on the voice in this song. His serious voice and the melancholic melody make of this song a rock hymn. "March of War" is introduced like one of the hardest songs of the album but melodic at the same time. Lonn returns to the action with another good solo. To finish, Towersound leave us with "One Step Further", an instrumental that show us their more classic influences. The deep influences of Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi are present during all the song. Surprisingly we find a hidden track nº 11 in the CD which is not mentioned in the album back. We can listen a beautiful song based mainly in acoustic guitar and keyboard creating a beautiful medieval atmosphere.


Well, we can say that Towersound has overcome with A+ their baptism of fire. A great debut album of this french band. We hope they will get a good record label and grow up as band. From here we wish them lots of luck to Flod, Jon and Lonn. Good work!

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Germán Villén - January 2004 -   - Towersound Evolution