Tr3nity - The cold light of darkness - 2002

"The cold light of darkness -
explores the delicate and challenging subject of child abuse and neglect"


Guitarist Rob Davenport and keyboardist Paul Gath formed Tr3nity in 1998. They decided to develop an album together and recruited Chris Campell on vocals and Rolf Smith on drums. The band has chosen the delicate and challenging subject of child abuse and neglect for this album. A difficult task but they managed to make an album that will grab you by the throat. It is well structured and based on melody.


The band:
Chris Campell – Vocals and backing vocals; Rob Davenport – Guitars; Paul Gath – Keyboards; Rolf Smith – Drums.


The concept for "The cold light of darkness" originated from the combination of a desire to explore the personal effects of drug abuse on all individuals involved, including the addicts themselves as well as their families and acquaintances. Heavy stuff for a prog album. The album begins with "The eyes of a child" (15:12) in which the main character Cathy is introduced. Musically speaking the opening is mysterious with keyboard strings and a soaring guitar sound. Slowly the music swells in volume towards a melodic guitar solo in Andy Latimer style. This sad melody goes into a happy and melodic tune with again some Camel references, Cathy's birth "a perfect child is born". The rest of the song is portraying the conflict and confusion caused in the mind of an abused and neglected child. The music is very melodic and sad and more happy tunes are following each other. The last long instrumental part of this song is one of the best of the album. It contains a lot of breaks and rhythm changes. The track includes delicious keyboard solos and melodic guitar work.

In the second track "The mask" (5:57) Cathy grows towards physical maturity and friends and family find it increasingly difficult to communicate with here. She develops new personalities to cope with here troubled life. It has an opening with acoustic guitars. This more songmatic piece with tasteful keys has a little bit sad vocal melody. But on top of this Rob Davenport plays some delicious guitar solo's. His sound reminds me of Bastiaan Peters the guitarist of the Dutch band Odyssice who is also heavy influenced by Andy Latimer. The next track is "Into the dark" (9:41) in which an adult and addicted Cathy is leaving her children un-protected to go on a nightly expedition into crime to fuel her growing addictions. The elder of her two children awakes to find that they are alone in the house. The opening of the song has a Genesis atmosphere with those typical acoustic guitar and piano sounds. Further on also the sounds of the keyboards of Paul Gath has some Banks influences. Like in the first track the sad and delicate vocal lines are combined with strong melodic instrumental parts with emotional guitar and synth solos. Delicious melodic sympho with electric guitar on top of a thick carpet of keyboards. Cathy is always saying that she is going to turn over a new leaf, but always manages to let her friends and family down. "Which way?" (13:08) is about the frustration of those close to her. The first part is up-tempo and the guitar sounds more like Mark Knopfler. The second part of the track begins with a slow guitar solo in Gilmour style. This is followed by a delicate synth solo, which reminds me a little bit of Mickey Simmonds solo album. The overall atmosphere of this track is in the vein of Pink Floyd.

"The exposure suite" that explores the many facets of Cathy's personality and the thoughts and feelings that she experiences that lead her to eventual salvation and redemption forms the second part of this album. The first part is entitled "The film" (5:40) and has acoustic guitars and some nice melodic guitar work. In "Help me" (4:16) Cathy's despair culminates I an attempted suicide. This slow and simple track only includes vocals and minimal keyboards. "Is there a paradise" (3:52) has the piano as main instrument to accompany the vocals. This is a slow a delicate song. The last part of the suite is called "Can't you see" (7:45) and is the best part of this suite. To be honest the first three parts lets escape the attention of the listener after the first four strong compositions. This last part saves the suite (musically spoken) with again strong Genesis influences. Not only the drums but also the Banks sound of the synth solo gives me that impression.


If you take your time to get into the story this is a very impressive album. Personally I have more respect for this delicate and challenging subject then to hear again a story about some lovely elves. I was emotionally touched by the story. But musically spoken I think that this good album has two sides. "Eyes of a child", "Into the dark" and "Which way" are very strong compositions which have a lot of variation and some beautiful and emotional guitar and keyboard solos. But with the "The exposure suite" the band can't keep that high quality level. And the attention of the listener could be lost. But if you are a fan of melodic sympho you will certainly love the 38 minutes of the above-mentioned tracks.

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