Tribus - Manual Acrobatics - 2002


I can´t give you deep information about this CD. I´ve got no promotional information and there are no credits. The only thing I know is that Tribus is a personal project released by a hispanic bassist named Carlos Soto. He plays bass as well as drum programming. In the same way he doesn´t play only four string bass, he also plays six string bass, fretless bass, lead distortion bass, and bass effects. Anyway I´m sure there are more instruments although bass guitar is the main one.


I must admit that I hate 98% of instrumental Cds released by guitarists, bassists, drummers, keyboardists, accordionists and other lovers of instrumental fireworks. I think the most part of those albums are instrumental masturbation's (hmm... may I say that word?) released by guys who want to show their mother, girlfriend, relatives, etc. what great musicians they are. But we´re not guilty of it!!!. I suppose it wouldn´t be difficult for him finding a band and offering a product more complete.

In this case the thing is not too serious -although I suppose he had to put his fingers in ice- because the seven tracks included in “Manual Acrobatics” are very interesting and easy to listen to.

I think it´s unnecessary a review in depth all the songs one by one. The music is aimed at the bassist virtuosity but the melodies are very catchy in tracks like “Resurrection”, “Digital Eyes”, or “Suspicious” and more experimental tracks like “Trauma” or the amazing “En mis pensamientos”, with a nice latin taste. Fortunately the electric drums sound very “human” and the music seems to be played by more than a musician. The sound is not the best I´ve listened to but it´s normal for a self production album.


In short, a CD recommended to bass players, lovers of virtuosity and progheads who wants to listen to something fresh. I´m a bassist and I must admit I listen to this CD as a fan more than as a bass player. I´m sorry because I can´t give you further information about where to buy or where to listen to this CD. I can only give you Carlos e.mail:

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Alfonso Algora - May 2002 -   - Independent Release