TROOT - Constance And The Waiting - 2018


“... complex rhythmic constructs and unique harmonies ...”


With today’s review, we are celebrating a small milestone in the history of progVisions. This album is not only one of the biggest surprises of 2018 in the world of progressive rock music but it is also review number 1000 in the progVisions database. But I can assure you it won’t be the last. This album took me by surprise and these albums are cherries on the cake of a reviewer and a true inspiration to continue the time resuming work to keep promoting my beloved Progressive Rock music. I will no longer leave you in suspense, but I am talking about the debut album of the American band TROOT, a project of Tim Root. No less than 10 musicians collaborated to arrange and perform the compositions of leader Tim Root. This wonderful debut album with the name “Constance and the Waiting“ is independently released under the Tim Root Music label.


Steve Ball - acoustic guitar; Amy Denio - saxophone, accordion, choir; Alex Anthony Faide - guitar; Beth Fleener - clarinets, voice; Nora Germain - violin; Bill Horist - guitar, prepared guitar; Alessandro Inolti - drums; Marco Machera - bass; Tim Root - piano, keyboards; Julie Slick - bass


Tim Root is an American composer, pianist and conductor. Trained in composition by some of the mavericks of the avant-garde, he also received piano instruction from a student Rachmaninov. The previous is an indication of what you could expect of this album. Complex rhythmic constructs and unique harmonies. So it is not music for the faint hearted, but more for the open minded music lover.

You can find the following 6 tracks on this amazing album; “Axe for the Frozen Sea Within“, “Dance Elena“, “Palasidai“, “Venice of the Sky“, “Hollow by Footsteps“ and “Joey“.

The slow Symphonic opening of “Axe for the Frozen Sea Within“ is overwhelming. But soon your mind will be bombarded with complex structures and rhythm changes. Food for the lovers of Rock In Opposition (RIO) music. This also counts for the following track “Dance Elena“. You can hear some heavy and aggressive guitar work in this track. But also mind blowing piano parts in a song that is working towards a big climax. Because it is almost too overwhelming to process, I am happy that with “Palasidai“ the band slows down a little bit with beautiful melodies and harmonies. The music keeps her intensity and you can enjoy great sax and clarinet parts that are perfectly integrated into the music. The last part of this composition is intriguing. When the music almost disappeared into nothingness the human voice is used as a kind of instrument. From whispering to screaming and working towards a big climax. But at the same time the musical accompaniment of the piano and all the other instruments are slowly bringing back the melodies. What an amazing contrast. You must hear this for yourself ... it is simply brilliant. “Venice of the Sky“ is a melting pot of classical and jazz structures. One point I had to think of the Canterbury scene and the other moment I had to think of the French band Art Zoyd. And just after writing this the violin kicks in and I had to think of the electric version of the Japanese outfit Asturias. By the way, great drumming in this intriguing piece. “Hollow by Footsteps“ is a delicate song with classical piano, guitars and a beautiful violin theme. The last part of this song is piano based and it is a relief to hear the spaces between the notes. A beautiful song with nice melodies. The last track is entitled “Joey“. With this song the complex rhythmic constructs and unique harmonies are back. Once again I had to think of Art Zoyd. The music is a melting pot of Jazz, Rock and Classical music and can be very complex at some points. Especially when the aggressive voice is back and the song ends with a big climax.


In the beautiful digipak housing I read that this album came about after 4 rehearsal days and 3 recording days. Because of the complexity of the music, this alone is a big achievement. As I said before, this is music for the open minded music lover. When you hear this music for the first time, it could be a little bit overwhelming. It is an album that only will show it’s true beauty after several listening sessions. For me personally this album is one of the biggest surprises of last year and I only can reward this with the full five points. Indeed a small milestone in the history of progVisions, review number 1000 is a special one!

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