The Tangent - The World We Drive Through - 2004


"If the first punch hits well, go and hit quickly in the same zone". This boxing sentence is perfect to explain “The world that we drive through”, new album of The Tangent, that is released when we had not still recovered of their masterpiece debut album “The music that died alone” (see reviews).

The line-up has the same members in this second album; the "Kings" Roine Stolt, Jonas Reingold, and Zoltan Czorsz; the "Parallels" Sam Baine and Andy Tillison; and Guy Manning who also collaborated in Paralell or 90 Degrees. The only new thing is that they have incorporated the saxophonist/flute Theo Travis (habitual in albums of Porcupine Tree, Gong and No-Man) who replaces David Jackson. Theo plays nice so we´ll not miss David.


As you can suppose, the music that we can find here connects directly with the sound of the first album: 70s progressive rock with a lot of feeling, and with some arrangements and developments that don't try to innovate but to find more in a style that still has a lot to say in spite of the detractors of the "stagnation".

With albums like this, the polemic of "progressive as label vs progressive as attitude" (how many hours have we lost (the progheads) talking about this?). Opinions sells but I – it´s not a secret I prefer progressive as an attitude - keep open minded towards the artists who want to keep on creating sounds that still have a lot to say. Now in times of "progressive metal", pop-art, "death-prog", "gothic-prog", there is enough room for musicians who, with talent and good taste, come closer to the forgotten sound Canterbury and to the enormous legacy of those great unknown band called Van der Graaf Generator.

In only in one hour The Tangent give us five songs: "The Winning Game" (11:10), “Skipping the Distance" (8:57); "Photosynthesis" (7:40), “A Gap in the Night” (18:20), and “The World that we drive through" (13:00). In those songs they condense an entire indispensable time for the neophyte. Of course its obligatory to listen by the initiate ones.


With albums like that is easy to do a review: In this album you will find all that good and bad that you´ve found in the first album. I avoid itemized comments so this album is a continuation of the previous one, even in talent.

For me it`s 100% indispensable and, again, another candidate to be "album of the year."

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Alfonso Algora - September 2004 -   - Inside Out