Tune - Lucid Moments - 2011



“Art-Rock band Tune introduces the accordion”


Tune is a band from Lodz (Poland) founded in 2009 by Leszek Swoboda and Adam Hajzer. “Lucid Moments” is their debut-album and is mastered by Robert Hadley (who worked with prominent bands as Pink Floyd, Electric Light Orchestra or Korn). You can classify the band's music as Art-Rock. The characteristic sound of the band is accomplished by the use of the accordion. This is unique ... the instrument is more associated with jazz and neo-classical music. Further the band Tune is known for their theatrical atmosphere during concerts and is often accompanied by film projections.


Jakub Krupski - vocals; Adam Hajzer - guitars; Leszek Swoboda - bass, vocals; Wiktor Pogoda - drums; Janusz Kowalski - accordion, piano.


You can find the following nine compositions on “Lucid Moments”; “Dependent”, “Repose”, “Confused”, “Lucid Moments”, “Mip”, “Dimensions”, “Cabin Fever”, “Masquerade” and “Dr. Freeman”.

The overall atmosphere of the album is one of melancholy. Often a composition has a slow start and then the tension of the music is building up towards a climax with aggressive guitar parts. Those aggressive parts reminds me sometimes of the also Polish band Riverside. For me the sound of the Art-Rock music Tune is playing is typical Polish. The vocal parts of singer Jakub Krupski reminds me of the singer of the Polish band Millennium.

A strong point in the music is the accordion of Janusz Kowalski. This gives the music a characteristic sound and is in my opinion unique in progressive rock music. The slow and melodic side of the music, which has a melancholic atmosphere, has more or less a mellow character.

I like the song “Dimensions” which slowly opens with an acoustic guitar that is accompanied by a wonderful and delicate accordion part. After this the bass and an atmospheric electric guitar joins the accordion. A beautiful atmospheric track with a filmic character. Also the accordion intro of the mysterious “Cabin Fever” is great. The accordion is really integrated in the music of Tune. The track develops into a progressive rock track with melodic electric guitar parts and aggressive vocal parts. “Masquerade” has some Doors influences in the first vocal parts. Janusz Kowalski plays now the piano instead of the accordion.


The album sounds great, the compositions are mature and the album is in balance. Tune made with “Lucid Moments” a good debut-album for the lovers of Art-Rock. The band has an unique sound because of the use of the accordion. I'm curious about in which way the music of this new Polish band will develop.

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