Turquoise - Po drugíej stroníe … - 2003

“Little Angel Katarzyna Jajko has left the band”


From Poland came last month the sad news that Emila Derkowska had left the band Quidam. The previous month I witnessed a great concert of that band in Holland for just a few people. I was ashamed that there were so few people present to hear Emila singing like she never did before. Maybe she already knew at that time that she would leave the band. And sadly enough the little angel of Turquoise Katarzyna Jajko has also left her band. Also keyboard player Marek Sokól has left the band. Both of them are only present on one of the tracks of this second album from Polish band Turquoise. The keyboards are played now by guest musicians and Katarzyna has been replaced by two female and one male singer!


Lillia Wojciechiwska – Vocals; Agnieszka Dudek – Vocals; Jacek Galant – Vocals; Alexander Zelazny – Guitars & Guitar synthesizer; Sebastian Klus – Bass

Guest musicians:
Remigiusz Cecula – Church organ; Marek Sokól – Fortepian; Pawel Futyma – Skrzypce; Katarzyna Jajko – Chórki; Tomasz Fal – Guitar synteziser; Piotr Polakowski – Keyboards; Krystian Sidor – Bass.


The second album of a band is always the most difficult one to make. But because of the important change in the band’s line-up it will not surprise you to hear that the sound of the band has changed. Some of you will like that the sound has a little bit more power now. Others (like me) will miss Angel Katarzyna Jajko and the delicate folky atmosphere that was so characteristic for that debut album.

The “Prolog” and “Epilog” of the album are played on a church organ. The first real song “Desiderata” has more or less that same delicate folky spirit as on their debut album. Delicate music with acoustic guitar and female vocals. “Spotkanie” is the first track with singer Jacek Galant. I am sorry to say, but I don’t like the voice of the man. This is of course a personal taste but I also think he is not a great singer. I think the band wants to play with more power and uses in these parts the male singer. The up-tempo and more rockier pieces are not very special to me, I simply don’t like them. The next track “Piesn Aayrné” is more my cup of tea. A ballad with a beautiful vocal line sung by one of the female singers and a melodic guitar solo in the end. After this beauty the band plays again a heavier track called “Po tej stronie”. This time with a screaming Jacek Galant. The piece has some nice instrumental sympho parts but … everything is spoiled for me by the vocals. Next comes a suite which is divided into four parts. “Suita d-minor” exists out of the parts I) Tangal, II)Zdobede i Ciebie, III) Gios serca and IV) Testament Sel’ entineli. “Zdobede i Ciebie” has some nice instrumental melodies and in “Testament Sel’ entineli” our angel Katarzyna Jajko is back. This painfully shows the band that she is the best of all the singers on this album. The next track is called “… a smierc utraci wiadze swa” and is again sung by Jacek and include some guitar solo’s and has more the atmosphere of Polish bands like Abraxas and Lizard then Quidam. The last song before the ending “Epilog” is called “Po tamtej stronie” and is a mix of both style’s which give this album two faces. The Neo-prog side with the female vocals and the rockier side with the male vocals.


Well as you could read in the above, I have mixed feelings about this album. Personally I think the band must decide which direction they would like to follow. For me the combination of the two styles doesn’t work. To be honest, I am a little bit disappointed in this second album of Turquoise. Or is this only due to the fact that I miss my little angel Katarzyna Jajko so much. The atmosphere that made their debut so special is gone.

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