Turquoise - Turquoise - 2001

"A little gem from Poland"


Not often you get as reviewer a CD from a completely unknown band, and you immediately fell in love with it. This is the case with the young Polish band called Turquoise. The Polish label Ars Mundi (also responsible for releasing the first albums of the Polish bands Abraxas and Lizard) presents this new discovery out of Poland.


Katarzyna Jajko - vocals, Alexander Zelazny - guitars, Marek Sokòl - keyboards,
Sebastian Klus - bass guitar, Marcin Zwonarz - drums.

Damian Kurasz - electric guitar on tracks 2,4 and 6.


There is nothing I can tell you about the group and their musicians. The booklet with beautiful artwork includes all lyrics, which are sung in Polish, and shows pictures of five very young musicians. Four boys and a girl named Katarzyna Jajko who is together with R. Polak responsible for the lyrics. All music is from guitarist Alexander Zelazny and drummer Marcin Zwonarz. But Katarzyna is the little gem of this band, she sings like an angel.

The album opens with "Znak" (3:31) a short but beautiful track with a catchy vocal refrain. The mix is crystal clear and Katarzyna shows her beautiful and pure voice. The overall sound of the band and in particular the voice of Katarzyna reminds me of the also Polish band Quidam. Maybe it is because of the Polish language, but Katarzyna Jajko voice shows great resemblance to the voice of Quidam singer Emila Derkowska.

Next track "Tesknota" (3:50) is in the same vein as the opener. Like most tracks of this CD, the music of Turquoise exists out of beautiful melodies with the voice of Katarzyna on top of it. In this piece we find also some nice melodic guitar solos of guest Damian Kurasz.

"Dajemma" (5:30) is except for the vocal intro without words, completely instrumental and has an Arabic atmosphere. This atmosphere has been created with the guitars and the vocal intro of the beginning. But in this track the band shows us their full potential and there are some delicious guitar and keyboard solos.

The composition "Odkrycíe" (3:09) is again build around the voice of Katarzyna Jajko. "Utrenja" (2:42) is a beautiful bridge with acoustic guitars and has a classical and medieval atmosphere. The track seamless flows into "To co w nas (spelníeníe)" (5:13). A slow melody around the vocals and the medieval sounding acoustic guitars are returning once more.

"A ja, a ty" (5:22) has also an intro with acoustic guitar but as in "Dajemma" this track has more power and is one of the more symphonic pieces with nice keyboard solos and heavy electric guitar work. Next is "Strach" (7:17) which has an atmospheric keyboard opening. This is one of the highlights of the album because the composition has a lot of variation. Not only beautiful vocals and acoustic guitars but also keyboard strings. There is a kind of tension in this piece. This is followed by a short atmospheric piece "Drzewa umíeraja stojac" (1:21) which is a kind of bridge to the last and longest track of the album called "Wez ze soba mnie" (8:22). This is again a slow composition with some nice melodies and nice electric guitar work.


Turquoise is a young Polish band, which has made a very good debut album with some beautiful and passionate music on it. The mix is crystal clear and the album sounds great. The music is mainly build around the beautiful voice of Katarzyna Jajko. People who like the music of Quidam's latest albums will like this somewhat lighter version of this band also. I am very curious how this young band will develop. I hope they will put a little more power in their music. If they find the right combination of Katarzyna's beautiful voice and skilful singing with the power of my favourite tracks "Dajemma" and "A ja, a ty", we can expect some other gems out of Poland.

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