Yogi Lang - A Way Out Of Here - 2019


“... a must for all the RPWL fans ...”


RPWL frontman Yogi Lang has released (nine years after “No Decoder”) a new solo album under the name “A Way Out Of Here”. Nine songs in the Art Rock style are presented on this album. The album illuminates the essentials of life with all obstacles, fears and rays of hope. Yogi explains; “For a long time my life was dominated by the certainty that there was a solution for all problems. We just have to fight for it”. The songs are presented here by his own band. However for two songs he invited his RPWL band mate Kalle Wallner to play some guitar solo’s. The album has been released on the Gentle Art Of Music label.


Yogi Lang - vocals, keyboards; Torsten Weber - guitars, Stephan Treutter - drums; Yvo Fisher - bass; Conny Kreitmeier, Bine Heller - backing vocals

Kalle Wallner - solo guitar on “Don’t Confuse Life With A Thought” & “I’ll Be There For You”; Klaus Reichart - pedal steel, mandolin


With almost 10 minutes the album opens with the track “Move On”. The information sheet is telling me that the song is audibly linked to that debut album. But the symphonic parts have also some resemblance to the work of his other band RPWL. It is a smart move to choose this song as an opener. Love the synth and guitar solos in the later part of the song. The choirs of singers Conny Kreitmeier and Bine Heller give the end also a touch of Pink Floyd. This is followed by the title track “A Way Out Of Here”. “Where there is a way in, there must be a way out”. I think that this song with some Pop influences like a Peter Gabriel song has some single potential. In the beautiful “Shine On Me” the way out of here does not exist. The protagonist cannot accept the loss of his partner, just ignores it. This slow balled has also some Pink Floyd influences through the female choirs and the guitar solo in the end. The following song is also a slow one. Beautifully sung by Yogi and the backing vocal girls “Don’t Confuse Life With A Thought” includes also a guitar solo that is played by Yogi’s RPWL band mate Kalle Wallner. Love often seems to offer a possible solution for problems. The next two songs “Love Is All Around” and “Freedom Of The Day” believe in the ability of love and empathy to banish just about any problem to insignificance. In both songs you can find beautiful vocal melodies. The later has a more acoustic approach. The instrumental “Early Morning Light” has lovely atmospheres and beautiful guitar playing by Torsten Weber. Of course all of the keyboards on this album are played by Yogi Lang. In this song all the instrumentalists have their special moment. Beautiful track! “The Sound Of The Ocean” is also a slow song and has some country influences. This is due to the pedal steel guitar which is played by guest Klaus Reichart. The album comes to an end with the song “I’ll Be There For You”. Here we find the last promise to stay with a loved one to the very end, if necessary, at any cost. Again we can enjoy the beautiful melodies and strong lyrics that are delicately sung by Yogi. In the end the female choirs and the guitar solo of Kalle Wallner once more generates a kind of Floyd feeling.


With “A Way Out Of Here” RPWL frontman Yogi Lang has delivered a fine solo album. Due to the relatively large number of ballads, this album has a somewhat quieter and mellow character. Once more Yogi Lang proves that he is a first class singer and keyboard player. The music and lyrics were all written by Yogi Lang, only “Freedom Of The Day” was written in cooperation with none lesser than bassist Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, David Gilmour). This fine album will initially be released as a limited CD edition with the bonus DVD Live At The Boerderij From 2011. Of course the album itself will be also available in a vinyl (180gr) format. Unnecessary to tell that this album is a must for all the RPWL fans.

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Douwe Fledderus - December 2019 -   - Gentle Art Of Music / Nineteen 73 Artist Promotion