Yuval Ron - Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum - 2019


“... in overall the sound stays Jazz-Fusion oriented ...”


Yuval Ron is presenting himself as a guitarist and composer who performs original tunes that transcend the boundaries of any specific musical genre. He is inspired by a crossover of modern jazz-rock, progressive music, cinematic and orchestral music genres. Before he released some albums under the name Yuval Ron & Residents Of The Future. His new album “Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum is simply released under the name Yuval Ron. The new drummer on this album is none other than Marco Minneman (The Aristocrats), now a well known drummer in the Prog scene. The album is released on his own label Wrong Notes Music. My physical promo CD was provided by Nineteen 73 Artist Promotion.


Yuval Ron - Electric guitar, vocals; Matt Paull - keyboards; Roberto Badoglio - bass; Marco Minnemann - drums

Additional vocals on The Discovery Of Phoebe by Dorin Mandelbrum


The album opens with the title track of the album “Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum”. With a slow cinematic opening and some wordless vocals the tension is slowly building up and after 3 minutes the first guitar solo is reaching your ears. Sound wise it is not very original but it is very well done ... an ode to the master himself. Of course I am talking about Maestro Allan Holdsworth. Afterwards this first solo Matt Paull is providing a wonderful synth solo. Well this is pure jazz-fusion. Those strong Allan Holdsworth influences can also be heard in the following track “Gravitational Lensing”. And then I am talking about the sound image and style of guitar playing. Again a great guitar solo before the rhythm section existing out of bass player Roberto Badoglio and drummer Marco Minnemann. Well with Marco as a drummer on your album you can’t go wrong. As the title suggests the slow “Kuiper Belt” has a more spacious and cinematic opening with nice synth melodies and delicate guitar playing. Love the beautiful synth melodies and the solo that Matt Paull is playing. The composition has also a kind of jazzy feeling because after the solo of Matt bass player Roberto Badoglio has his moment before the guitar solo takes over. A great composition in which the musicians are showing musical craftsmanship of the highest quality. In this song Marco Minnemann is playing for the composition, so no freaky and unnecessary drum stuff. Marco is more prominent in the next track “WiFi In Emerald City”. Also the (fret-less) bass is also in front of the mix. Again we can enjoy virtuosic and passionate performances of all the musicians. In overall the sound stays Jazz-Fusion oriented. In the last part the tempo is slowly building up to a fine climax. After all this musical virtuosity the band slows down with nice melodies in the following track “The Discovery Of Phoebe”. You will find great bass playing of Roberto Badoglio in this track. Yuval Ron is impressive with his smooth guitar playing in Holdsworth style. Maybe I emphasize this too strongly but as a big Holdsworth fan this just stands out. This fine album comes to an end with the track “I Believe In Astronauts”. It has a mysterious cinematic opening but soon develops into a fine up tempo Jazz-Fusion piece with nice melodic keyboard playing virtuous guitar playing and impressive drumming of Marco. At one point I had to thinks of the Protocol project of drummer Simon Phillips. Well I think that this is also a compliment towards the musicians.


The Yuval Ron album “Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits A Drum” is a fine album full of high standard musical craftsmanship. As you can read above this album has more a Jazz-Fusion vibe than a pure Progressive Rock album. So I think that this album will not only be appreciated by open minded Prog fans but also by fans of Alan Holdsworth and Simon Phillips. See this as a big compliment guys! Your reviewer enjoyed listening to this album very much.

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Douwe Fledderus - December 2019 -   - Wrong Notes Music / Nineteen 73 Artist Promotion