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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

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Genesis - The Genesis Songbook - 2001

In the very first moment this DVD -and TV documentary- had the main goal, as others titles of the "Classic Rock Albums" collection, in explaining the composing process of the most representative tracks in Genesis history. The fact of having been done by the same team who had released the collection mentioned above made you wish for the best as their previous efforts included previously unseen footage and/or demo tapes…In fact, this visual document offers interesting stuff: acoustic tracks ("Follow you, follow me", "Horizons", a lovely version of "Afterglow" just with Tony and Phil that brought tears to my eyes the first time I listened to it) interviews with ALL the members of the band (including poor Ray Wilson), as well as people close to the band, and yes, explanations of the composing process of some of their most important songs. Everything perfectly subtitled in Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, French and Spanish languages.

The main problem relies on the lack of new stuff, a good part of the archive films had already been shown on "Genesis - A history", but now all this material can be watched with (very good) digital resolution and surround sound. The "making off" of the songs are interesting and it's curious to see how most of the complex and progressive stuff is explained by Tony Banks (he almost explains totally on his own the whole of "The lamb lies down on Broadway", "Supper's Ready" and "Firth of fifth" this last one includes a demonstration of how a piano should be played) while Rutherford and Collins spend their quote of time on the hits such as the dark "Mama" or the rocker "Turn it on again". Here we find, very much compressed the history of Genesis, from the "Genesis to Revelation" album to "Calling All Stations" and how the band started as pop writers only to turn later into progressive and then become a hybrid, then go totally pop and in the end (???) to get back to some a more complex side.

In fact, it's ironic to find that most of the best material is in the "Bonus" section where the acoustic tracks are included as well as a more in depth look at some of comings and goings (and their why? And How?) of the band including even Bill Bruford. All in all, for those who don't know the history of the band (if such thing is possible), it's a wonderful introduction, truthful, sometimes funny - thanks to the English sense of humour and the Robin Williams-like actitude of Phil Collins- of a music that should not be missed.

Francisco Roldán - November 2001
rating - Eagle Vision


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