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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

dvd & video review

Genesis Project - Live in “de Boerderij” - 2003

“A prestigious project by a Dutch Genesis cover band”

You must have courage to start such a prestigious project. Making as an amateur band a double CD and DVD of one of your live gigs which includes Genesis material from the complete Hackett period of that famous band. I say “Hackett period” because the DVD includes covers of tracks from the albums “Nursery Cryme” up to “Wind and Wuthering”. We are talking about an independent release which has been completely done by the band. And only with the help of some family and close friends. The big man behind this Genesis Project is keyboard player Ebert Zwart. He also did the video editing himself. If you watch the results this is an amazing achievement.

The Band:
Ebert Zwart – keyboards, backing vocals and acoustic guitar in “The cinema show”; Rob van Toledo – guitars and bass pedals; Charles Dehue – vocals and bass pedals; Remco Engels – drums, keyboard and backing vocals; Petri Saeijs – bass.

Most of you grew up with the music of Genesis. So I don’t have to describe all those classic songs. If you are familiar with the existing audio and video bootlegs of that period in Genesis history which are nowadays spread via the internet, you notice that the band is using some of that video material on the projection screen behind them. The following material was played on the night of 13th of December last year in the now famous (DVD recordings of Pallas, Threshold and Alquin) Dutch venue “de Boerderij” in Zoetermeer (The Netherlands): “Unquiet slumbers for the sleepers … in that quiet earth”, “11th Earl of Mar”, “The return of the giant hogweed”, “Firth of fifth”, “Dancing with the moonlit knight”, “The musical box”, “The lamb lies down on Broadway”, “Fly on a windshield”, “Cuckoo cocoon”, “In the cage”, “One for the vine”, “The cinema show”, “Watcher of the skies”, “Get’ em out by Friday”, “Blood on the Horizons” (a combination of “Blood on the rooftops” and “Horizons”), “Supper’s ready”, “Dance on a volcano” and “Los endos”. Although the whole band is performing very well, guitarist Rob van Toledo and keyboard player Ebert Zwart are stealing the show here. Rob van Toledo is playing some great solos (“Firth of fifth”, “Fly on a windshield” and “Blood on the horizons”) and the piano and keyboard sounds of Ebert Zwart are very close to that of Tony Banks. (“The Cinema show” and “One for the vine”)

Although I’m a big fan of the Genesis period with Gabriel. (I still listen to those albums and collect the bootlegs of that period.) In my opinion Genesis Project come closest to the Genesis sound in the tracks of the “Wind and Wuthering” period. Also I don’t think Charles Dehue must wear those masks and attributes to imitate Peter Gabriel. He is not Peter Gabriel and to me it is a lit bit sacrilegious. Yes I’m a Peter Gabriel fanatic. And if you insist to do something like this, the only way to do it is like the way the Canadian band The Musical Box does it nowadays. (they reproduce complete Genesis shows with all the accompanying accessories and stage in a very detailed way) If you are not in the position to do this you must stay with the music.

There are a lot of Genesis cover bands today and the competition to get some attention of the audience must be very high. Making this DVD was a great idea and it is all done very well. All the new Genesis fans that never had the chance to see Genesis performing with Peter Gabriel will enjoy this DVD and an evening with the Genesis Project. The final product looks very professional and Ebert has done a great job with the video editing. Sound and picture of this DVD are very good. If you live in The Netherlands and you are a Genesis fan, don’t miss the next gig in “de Boerderij” Zoetermeer at the 9th of January 2004.

Douwe Fledderus - November 2003.
rating - Independent Release


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