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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

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Landmarq - Turbulence (Live in Poland) - 2006
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“Turbulence” is the first DVD of the British band Landmarq. Filmed and recorded on Nov 15th 2005 at Teatr Wyspiañski in Katowice, Poland. Landmarq are: Tracy Hitchings - vocals, Uwe D' Rose - guitars, Steve Gee - basses, Mike Varty - keyboards and Dave Wagstaffe - drums. New keyboard player Mike Varty we know from his other band Janison Edge. The groundbreaking thing about this DVD is that Landmarq is presenting new material (some of that was already in their live setlist) for the first time on this media. Normally a band will first put the material on a studio album. So this fact only is a reason for you to buy this DVD. The first thing you will notice is the professional camera work and the good Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. This is also the case with the latest DVD's of Arena and Quidam that are also released on Metal Mind Productions. The only two older tracks in the regular live set are from the album “Infinity Parade”; “Landslide” and “Lighthouse”. Other oldies can be found in the bonus video footage and bonus audio tracks. The fans of the early days will appreciate that this DVD is packed with bonus material. But the main dish is the concert with the new songs “Entertaining Angels”, “Calm before the storm”, “Prayer”, “Thunderstruck”, “Walking on Eggshells”, “Timeline” and “Mountains of Anglia”. The influence of front lady Tracy Hitching's seems to be big in some of the new material.

Like in “Entertaining Angels” where next to mainstream rock parts also pop influences can be heard. But the atmospheric opening with keyboards and some melodic guitar is very nice. “Calm before the storm” is a long epic with a mysterious first part called “Strange but Beautiful”, the symphonic second part “Spiderman” and the closing instrumental part “From the Abyss” has lots of orchestral keyboard strings and delicious synth and guitar solo's. “Prayer” is a beautiful ballad with delicate and melodic vocals of Tracy Hitchings and some melodic guitar work of Uwe D' Rose. “Thunderstruck” opens with a classical keyboard intro and develops into a good and divers sympho track with some fast instrumental parts and some surprisingly tempo changes. In “Walking on Eggshells” Tracy is shinning with beautiful vocal melodies. “Timeline” is more mainstream rock and to be honest not my cup of tea. Better is the last new track “Mountains of Anglia” with good progressive rock and nice vocal refrains. I enjoyed watching Landmarq's “Turbulence”. It is also a good thing to see that the overall quality of the DVD releases of Metal Mind Productions has improved a lot.

Douwe Fledderus - July 2006
rating - {Metal Mind Productions}


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