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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

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Mystery - Live at the Artrock Festival 2017 - 2017

“Official Bootleg Artrock Festival 2017”
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While we are waiting for the official DVD release “Second Home” of the Canadian band Mystery, that was recorded at de Boerderij in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands during the Progdreams V festival, the die-hard Mystery fans can already be getting in the mood with this bootleg release of the Artrock festival that was held this year in Reichenbach, Germany. This is a fan release for the fans that attended or missed the Mystery gig at the ArtRock festival. The man who shot the video and who is responsible for this release is a German guy called Peter Wilhelm. This limited release (only 100 copies) comes in a package that's include a DVD, CD and a USB stick with the gig in a MP4 video format. The artwork for the cover, disks and booklets is from Thau Design and looks very professional. The audio was mastered by Eroc (Grobschnitt). Maybe the release date is a little bit upsetting for the band because the band already opened the pre ordering for the official “Second Home” DVD. But I am sure that everyone who will spend money on this official bootleg will for sure buy the official release with the ProgDreams V gig also.

Everybody who has attended a Mystery gig will know that those gigs are just a big party for the loyal fan base of the band. And if you were able to see the band at the "de Boerderij" venue in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands you had also the pleasure of enjoying a gig with a wonderful sound quality. So all the Dutch fans are waiting with eager for the release (August 1st) of that official “Second Home” DVD. But what can you expect from this official bootleg release entitled “Live at the ArtRock festival 2017” by PW Video.

First of all I want to thank Peter Wilhelm for providing progVisions with a review copy of this wonderful package. As sad before the artwork and photo's are excellent and of a quality that you can only find in official and professional releases. And it is a good idea to add an audio CD and a USB stick with the film in a MP4 video format. I always liked audio disc's of live gigs so it is a plus for me. And when I read that the audio was mastered by Grobschnitt legend Eroc I had (maybe too) high expectations. I don't know what the audio source was but I would qualify the audio as good and maybe very good for a bootleg recording. But this is one of the few points where you remember that you are listening/watching to a bootleg recording. So probably I prefer to only watch the DVD in the future. Always remember that this is not an official release with the high Mystery quality standards. At Reichenbach Mystery played a set with a duration of 76 minutes long. You can find the following tracks on the CD and DVD; “Delusion Rain”, “Travel to the Night”, “Wall Street King”, “Shadow of the Lake”, “The Willow Tree”, “Wolf” and “A song for you”. The people who were there that night would probably had no problems with this ... an amazing setlist!

What about the video of the DVD. After a professional looking introduction the video of the gig starts automatically. Good choice to keep it simple and not use difficult menu's. The first thing that you will notice is that Peter recorded this gig with a single camera. That is of course the difference between a bootleg recording and an official release. Maybe I am a little bit spoiled by the multi camera recordings that the colleagues of Background Magazine are making the last two years. The disadvantage of a single camera is that the cameraman will have to use some zooming to make some accents. And if that zooming is too fast it will be a little bit annoying. In the beginning of the recording Peter is tempted to use a little bit too much of that. But after a short while he recognizes this himself and uses mainly overall shots of the whole stage. Then the balance between the overall shots and the zoomed frames is more in balance. This makes that the DVD is enjoyable to watch. Like the audio the video quality is good and for a bootleg recording very good. This set is authorized by Mystery and comes in a strictly limited edition (100 copies).

I enjoyed watching this video very much. For people who witnessed this gig it is a wonderful remembrance and a reminder of a great Mystery gig. For them it is almost a must buy. Also the die hard fans and collectors would want to buy this fine product. But if you are a quality freak please keep in mind that this is a wonderful product made by fans for fans, but don't compare this with an official product. How wonderful this is ... it stays an official bootleg recording. For me watching this DVD has the effect that my hunger for the official release has grown even more. If you want to buy this wonderful product please contact Peter Wilhelm himself at PW Video ( ).

Douwe Fledderus - June 2017
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