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progVisions is a progressive rock e-zine, published in English and made by an international group of members. Our objective is to become a centre of information that contributes to the knowledge, growth and development of progressive rock.

dvd & video review

Yes - House of Yes - 2000

I´ll be concise with this DVD review (note by the translator: concise?, really?) because the most important subject, the musical analysis, was already reviewed one year ago when this wonderful recorded show was released. So I´m going to focus on the add-ons, extra material, etc. of this DVD version. As you can see in the stars I give it, I don´t think it doesn´t show the whole quality of the concert.

Firstly –and very strange in Yes products- the product hasn´t any information booklet. Only a paper with the tracklist and some sentences in spanish language translated with a cheap software translator.

Another great mistake is that the show doesn´t include spanish subtitles (but if the translation were as “good” as the aforementioned, I´d consider it lexical terrorism), but not happy with it, they don´t even include english subtitles!!!. Of course it would be unnecessary with the songs (it´d seems a karaoke), but.. what´s about the interviews about the recording sessions of the album?.

I don´t dare to state that the DVD and the CD were recorded the same day, but I think they´re different. When a member introduces a song, sometimes the words are the same in DVD than CD, but sometimes aren´t. Perhaps they´ve chosen songs played in different days because there were different shows at the House of blues. The camera movements are very good and are mainly focused on the musicians, (look at Howe´s ancient hands playing precisiously and faster than lots of new young guitar players), but there are also images of the whole band and the crowd. But please don´t show this film to a friend who don´t know about Yes. It´s funny and ridiculous to see those elder musicians moving and looking as if they were teenagers. If your friend watches Jon greetings like a child and preaching love and peace, Chris clothes (a gabardine with short trousers and military boots with white, red and blue socks over them), or the malnutrition of our favorite vegetarian with a messy long hair, perhaps he won´t come back to your home.

But when you´re alone.. what can I say?... I enjoy the magical moments of classic songs such as “Yours Is No Disgrace”, “Perpetual Change”, with a great Squire, or the beauty of Anderson in the songs “Time And A Word”, “Ritual-Nous Sommes Du Soleil”, or the enigmatic and happy “And You And I”, and of course the whole work of the band, especially Igor Khoroshev, in “Awaken” iiiiiiiimpressive and with confetti falling from the skies - Jon almost fell to the ground because of the confetti -. In the same way “Homeworld (The Ladder)”, or “It Will Be A Good Day (The River)”, as I stated in the CD review, are now two more classic songs of the band. On the other hand we can see the energy of “Cinema” and “Owner Of A Lonely Heart”, this one with a great work by Howe, who shows he´s still one of the basis of the band.

What more we can find here apart of the show?. Well, only some photos of the tour, some interviews with the musicians about how the DVD was recorded (running time: around 12 minutes). This time we can also watch the full Homeworld video with the funny starships we could see at the studio CD. Few material as you can see.

In short, a good album and a good film. But in my opinion they can add more material and took more care with artwork, booklet, etc.

Eduardo Aragón - December 2002
rating - Beyond Music


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